Kids Church


Kids Church is where our kids can learn and grow together in the faith.  


We desire to do as scripture teaches and pass on the faith to our children. (Deut 6:4-8). Therefore our kids programs are designed to be teaching our kids how to worship in Spirit and Truth. Our programs are designed to teach children not only individual stories from the Bible but to show them The Story of the Bible: Jesus Christ. We teach them how Jesus is in the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. When they reach grades 5-7 they spend time in a Catechism class, which begins to help them understand the doctrine that comes from the story.

What to expect Sunday Morning

Sign in begins at 9:45 am. Parent's are required to sign their child(ren) in and out of all programs. Children then accompany their parents to the main sanctuary for a time of worship together. This time of corporate worship means we are together as we partake of the Lords Supper (parents, children, and Sunday school teachers) and receive the offering. Children are dismissed partway through the morning service to attend their kid's program downstairs.

Here is the breakdown of our classes:

Nursery Newborn - Age 2

You may choose to leave your little one with our volunteer or to stay and watch the service through the live feed in the nursery.  

 Preschool (ages 3-4)

This is a fun interactive class for your little ones to learn more about God and all the wonderful things he has done.  With games, skits, songs, and play centers, your child is sure to have an exciting morning while also learning the ABCs of the Bible.

Sunday School:  

K- Grade 1  The Jesus Storybook Bible

Grade 2-4 The Gospel Story

Grade 5-7  Catechism Class.

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Trail Alliance Church believes in a ministry of excellence in our entire Children's Ministry Departments. It is always our endeavor to care for your child (ren) to the best of our ability while they are entrusted to us. However, we do assume the responsibility for the care only when complete information regarding allergies and any other special needs is provided. Should situations regarding your child(ren) change from week to week, please make sure this is communicated directly to the Classroom Teacher, a Children's Ministry Director, or the Children's pastor and make certain it is written on the attendance sheets for the service at which you are attending. At any time, we reserve the right not to admit your child into the classroom should there be signs of any communicable disease or sickness, i.e., colds, etc. Your Child(ren) will only be released to the parent/guardian or those whom you have authorized above. We reserve the right to have you remove children who exhibit extreme or rebellious behavior that negatively impacts our ability to care for the class in its entirety. We appreciate you collecting your child(ren) immediately after the service.
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