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Rev. Andrew Martens

Lead pastor

Pastor Andrew has been serving at Trail Alliance Church since July of 2016. Previously he and his family servied in various ministry capacities including 4 years in latin America as International Workers with the C&MA. He is married to Claudia and has two wonderful children Samuel and Bethany.

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Pastor Adam Paleasch

Youth Pastor

Adam Palesch has been our Youth Pastor since Feb, 2018. He has been involved in youth ministry since 2001 as an intern, a volunteer, a Sr Pastor, an Associate Pastor, a Youth Pastor, a camp worker, a mentor and as just that older guy in the corner making sure we don’t start fires. 

He loves books, board games, Marvel movies, hockey, chocolate and his wonderful wife Erin and their two teenagers Mattea and Malachi.

Richard davis

Director of Worship Arts

TAC staff Michelle.jpg

Michelle davis

Office Administrator

TAC staff Jennie.jpg

jenny chan

Director of Chinese Ministries/ Janitor

Having joined the congregation with her family in 2009, Jennie Chan has served as the Custodian at TAC for 5 years. She has and continues to serve the Chinese community through the Chinese Ministry. With a passion for cooking, Jennie also leads the Kitchen Ministry and joyfully works alongside others to cater church and community events. At home, she is blessed to have a good husband and two children.

Is this You?

Director of Childrens Ministires

We are currently looking to fill this position. If you are interested look at the job description in the “job opportunities” section.